The forthcoming Asia Forum that will launch in April 2022, alongside the opening of the 59th Venice Biennale, is envisioned as a new platform for discourse surrounding experimental art practices and research that produce hopeful new worlds beyond the North Atlantic, the inaugural Asia Forum presents a one-day programme at the historic Fondazione Querini Stampalia that brings together artists, curators, researchers, and activists.

While the still-unfolding events of 2020 have resulted in the postponement or cancellation of many international art events, the reconfiguring of timelines and work practices has provided an opportunity to imagine a new worlding of contemporary practices, and to rethink the discursive conditions of art production and communities, a task given urgency by the rise of racism and xenophobic foreign policy strategies around the world.

Conceived by Annie Jael Kwan, with the generous support of the Bagri Foundation, the Asia Forum will work with a council of international curators and researchers, Hammad Nasar, John Tain, and Ming Tiampo, in a sustained dialogue with contributors to navigate the key themes that have arisen in relation to contemporary artistic practices of Global Asias. There will be an open-planning session in April 2021 to encourage participatory consultation towards the public gathering in Venice in 2022.